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Extinct? (Peckin’ Away October)

As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend.” 

Just because you can’t find it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. (

I’m reminded of the Colecanth, a so-called prehistoric fish which, according to the “experts” was extinct millions of years ago.  

They have found many of them in the ocean around South Africa.  

So, just ‘cause you can’t find it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means you may have been looking in all the wrong places, kinda like that country song seekin’ love. 

Having grown up and spent a lot of time hunting and fishing the Cache River bottoms in east Arkansas, I can guarantee there are areas in those thousands of acres that the Ivory Bill could hide out and not be seen or heard. 

There are some other things people think are extinct now such as common decency and manners and morality.

There’s plenty of evidence that our corrupt culture has tried to minimize the value of those traits, but we believe there are many areas of the USA in which not only do they exist, but they are thriving and being taught to generations of Americans of all colors and creeds and races.

CBI believes that even businesses can keep civility alive by practicing our motto, “Help people, make money.”

Notice which comes first.

Help people.

Each week CBI helps dozens of business owners facing a crisis in their lives as they contemplate where to turn to solve the myriad of problems besetting them.

CBI has the resources to help no matter where the business is in the life cycle, a startup or about to go extinct. Some of those resources don’t make CBI a dime but they sure make us feel better about our motto and our mission, “Business Brokers Confidentially Helping People Sell, Buy & Grow Businesses To Secure Their Financial Future.”

Our goal is to keep businesses from going extinct.